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The physio corner – Einar Fagerheim – Physiotherapist and Timani teacher

Einar Fagerheim

Jeg har mye kunskap om musikerhelse, men hjelper også mennesker som ikke er musikere. Se referanser lengre ned på denne siden.

Jeg har ingen offentlig driftsavtale.

Bilde av Einar Fagerheim


Timani is a methodology for teaching musicians to use their bodies smarter. This way they can play better music and prevent injuries.


For 20 years I worked as a physiotherapist at hospitals, institutions, in the municipal health service and in private practice.

"Har prøvd det meste før , men Timani er topp for meg!"

Einar Fagerheim is a very skilled professional who can help musicians with increased awareness of sitting position and muscle use when playing. I can wholeheartedly recommend him!
Petter Richter
Amanuensis NMH – Classical guitar
Einar Fagerheim´s teaching has been the best help for me! Wear and sores in neck, shoulders and arms. With simple exercises and guidance in a sitting / working position, my neck has "let go" and my work is much easier to perform. He is an incredibly good teacher and has great knowledge of physiology. I gained very good faith in what he taught me. It works in the long run. Have tried most things before, but Timani is great for me! Would highly recommend his treatment!
Kari Tjåland Sandvik
Through explanation, exercises and guidance, Einar Fagerheim has taught me how I can use part of the core muscles to stand, sit and walk in a way that is more energy-saving and less stressful. I have had a very good effect on back problems after a series of courses in just 3 meetings. In addition to getting to know my body better, I have received several good relaxation exercises. Einar explains and shows in an understandable way, and has a high professional integrity. Recommended for both musicians and non-musicians.
Hilde Grøtte
Einar Fagerheim har først og fremst hjulpet meg med det mentale aspektet rundt det å spille konserter. Vi har jobbet med hvordan man kan jobbe med seg selv for å roe nervene, intensivere fokus og få kontroll og ro på kroppen ved hjelp av ulike teknikker. Han har i etterkant også hjulpet meg med hvordan jeg forholder meg rent fysisk til instrumentet på best mulig måte. Einar er en dyktig fagmann som illustrerer hvordan kroppen fungerer og hvordan den fungerer opp mot utøvelsen på instrumentet. Han tar tak i ting jeg selv aldri villet gjort og det hjelper meg å se min holdning til instrument på en ny måte!
Skage Larsen

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